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August 06, 2019 2 min read

Food is a huge part of the travel experience for many travelers. If you agree with this, you are likely a foodie traveler. If food is a priority during your travels so you can better immerse yourself in the culture and what makes each land you step foot on unique, then you should consider heading to any of the following destinations for foodies.

Tuscany, Italy

Take cooking classes in Tuscany. Learn how to make tender homemade pasta and rich tomato sauces full of meat. Drink local wine while eating antipasto and delightfully fresh olives while looking out across the vineyards. Wine tasting tours and cooking schools abound in Italy, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one to attend. Chianti is one of our favorite areas, which has many delicious Chianti Classico wines to sip.

Manila, Philippines

Bibingka in The Philippines Manila is a fantastic place to try loads of street foods that will please your palate. There are few places on earth that can rival the street food options in this Filipino city. Try Bibingka, which is a Filipino coconut cake or savory sizzling pork, called Sisig. Lechon Manok is also fantastic, which is a pinoy roast chicken. You must also try sticky rice, known as Puto Bumbong. More specifically, head over to El Nido, on the Palawan Island for some fantastic food choices that will surely keep you immersed in tasty cultural treats.

Paris, France

Crepe Breakfast at a Paris CafeParis, France is not only the city of love – it is full of truly amazing food. This foodie paradise has loads of great things to try, including Croque Monsieurs and Croissants to taste while visiting the Eiffel Tower or Sacr-eCoeur or get fancy by eating some frog’s legs and escargot. Also look for local crepe stands or book a local food tour to fill your belly full with Parisian goodness.

Bangkok, Thailand

Floating Market in ThailandThai food is a cuisine loved by foodies worldwide. Authentic Thai dishes are to die for and the best can be found from street vendors or at night markets in Bangkok. You can also grab a cooking class or two or go on a food tour for an authentic experience. Love local street food? Why not make it a point to eat street food for every meal while in the city? Or head to the floating markets outside of town for a unique experience – be sure to add some mangosteens to your plate!

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch wine and food pairingAn hour’s trip outside of Cape Town is the Stellenbosch Wine Region. This is a phenomenal place to taste wine. Enjoy a relaxing and inviting winery experience in this location, chilling on a comfy couch while tasting all of the delicious drinks they have to offer or go on a wine tour that pairs food with wine. There are loads of great restaurants with top chefs in the area as well. Definitely try Spier Restaurant and Spier Winery!

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