Business as Usual during the Unusual...

...for the most part

Push Pin Travel Maps COVID-19 Update (3-20-20)

Well, 2020 certainly is off to a rocky, unpredictable start to say the least! We here at Push Pin Travel Maps have been doing our best to keep up with the changing climate and keep operations going during these uncertain times. Rest assured, we are currently processing and shipping orders faster than ever right now.

As a small business, it is vital for us to stay open as long as possible. For one, we are trying to ensure our family of 8 employees receives a stable paycheck. Secondly, we are trying to ensure our business, which we have grown from the ground up over the past 8 years, can weather the storm and make it to the other side after the dust settles.

What Are We Doing To Stay Safe?

During these challenging times, we are now allowing certain staff members to work from home. The rest of our staff will continue to make and ship maps for as long as feasible. Everyone in the office is practicing extreme hygiene and sanitation habits, as well as social distancing. Only a small number of our staff will handle products during production. Staff members showing any signs of illness will not be permitted to work in the office. Additionally, our showroom has been closed to outside guests and we will solely be operating online for the time being.

 We will continue to follow all government mandates and best practices. We believe these measures will ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, loyal customers and our community.

Fast Order Processing Times

The good news is that we are still shipping orders on time. Actually, we are shipping orders even faster than normal right now! Most orders are shipping same day or next business day after ordering. Some orders may take one additional day of processing time. Feel free to contact us with any questions about processing times or if you need your order lickety-split! We would be more than happy to help expedite your order.

With birthdays and anniversaries on the horizon (and luckily not being added to the ever-growing canceled events list), we got your back! We would be thrilled to send your loved one a personalized map to brighten their day so they can start planning and daydreaming about their next grand adventure when life gets back to normal. Or maybe you want to spruce up your home office now that you are working from home. No matter what the situation, we are here for you and we appreciate your support!

Thank you and we wish you all good health!

Mike & Brenda
Founders – Push Pin Travel Maps