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Map Pins in Black, Red and White

These push pins in black, red and white are prefect for pinning your map with all of your past and future travels. They are also great for pinning bulletin boards, message boards, or any other kind of cork board. Each set contains a total of 100 pins in a mixture of red, white and black and are packaged in a small metal tin. 

•Black, red and white round decorative map pins.

•Sharp steel points allow pins to be easily inserted and removed.

•1/8 inch head, 5/16 inch point

•Pack of 100

•Same as the pack included with our Framed Push Pin Travel Maps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Love it!

I ordered from the last year and everything came out perfect so I ordered again this year. They were super helpful and nice and got everything done so quickly. Thanks again!

Perfect Gift!

I ordered one of the maps for my daughter and son-in-law for their first anniversary. They LOVED the map and used all of the pins that came with it so I ordered more for their Christmas stockings. When I placed the order I input the wrong address due to seasonal weariness. I realized the mistake right after I submitted my order. I left a phone message plus, emailed. They responded right away and fixed my blunder. They were so gracious! The extra pins arrived quickly. I cannot say enough how fantastic this company is AND they have a GREAT product!

Love it!

I originally ordered one for myself and loved it so much that now am ordering a second one as house warm gift for a friend. Thank you!

I haven’t received my order

Still waiting on my order

Best birthday present from my sister.

I was awaiting the shipment and when I tore the box open, it was more than I expected. I couldn't wait to get started. The first trip I made with a friend in the '60's was a trip from Manchester, MA to CA. That was the beginning of my traveling adventures which are "documented" on the map. I love it, and thank you for providing me such pleasure.