Framed Canvas Push Pin Maps

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” How true is this?! The new experiences you collect and the culture you soak up while you are away from your comfort zone leaves a lasting impression on the traveler. Once you get bitten by the travel bug, there is no going back. What better way to create a lasting memento of your travels then with a Framed Canvas Push Pin Travel Map?! Use push pins to not only document all your past adventures, but to also plot out your next great adventures. See where you’ve been, where you are going and visualize those dream destinations still at the top of your bucket list. …(Continued at bottom of page)…

Create the perfect conversation piece that is a reflection of your personal taste and style with one of our gorgeous personalized and framed canvas maps. Start by choosing one of the 25+ distinct canvas map styles we currently offer and have it framed in one of our 9 unique frame options to create the perfect combo to match your décor. You will love the rich, textured finish of the canvas, which creates a vibrant print that makes the colors really pop right off the wall. Don’t forget to add one of our 6 designer personalization options with yours or your family name, favorite quote and pin legend to truly make the map your own. Your one-of-a-kind personalization will be printed directly on the canvas map itself, creating a true work of art! As you can see, the options are endless to create the map of your dreams! Each framed canvas map arrives at your door ready to hang, complete with 100 push pins in an array of red, white and black to get you well on your way to pinning a lifetime of adventures. The optional personalized pin legend allows you to designate what each pin color represents on your map. Here’s one of our favorite ideas: Red – Past Adventures, White – Future Trips, Black – Bucket List Destinations. Get creative and have fun creating your personalization!

Our Framed Canvas Maps with Pins make a thoughtful gift idea for just about any occasion for the traveler in your life. See their eyes light up as they start pinning past travels and dreaming up future explorations. As cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift, our canvas travel pin maps make a fun and unexpected anniversary gift idea. Order your Framed Push Pin Travel Map today and start pinning your story in no time at all!