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February 26, 2020 2 min read

Choosing a place to stay in Rome can be overwhelming. With so many beautiful areas, how can you possibly choose just one?! Below we have listed some of the best areas to stay with an overview of each to help you make your decision, whether you are visiting for the first time or are a seasoned traveler.




The Vatican City is one of the smallest states in the world but it sure packs a punch as far as tourism is concerned. There are some fantastic places to eat along the main tourist streets, including tiny local bakeries with loads of tasty treats. Staying in the Vatican also ensures you are near public transportation, including one of the main train stations, Vaticano, which is the metro station. You will also be within walking distance of St. Peter’s Square and in an area of easy access for airport transport as well as day trips outside of the country. The Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica are two of the best places to visit in this area- but be sure you have your knees and shoulders covered if you visit the basilica!



Ancient Rome/Centro Storico

The Roman Forum, RomeThe historic center of Rome is also called Centro Storico. This neighborhood is the best to stay in Rome as it is near everything and also features the iconic Skyline of Rome. The lines of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the outlines of Pollux and Castor and Septimus Severus can be seen from Palatine Hill at sunset and will take your breath away. This area is a great place to stay if you want to spend a lot of times seeing the many attractions, including Colosseum, Imperial or Traja’s Forum, Gladiator School, Piazza Venezia and Capitoline Hill.





Dessert in Rome, ItalyMonti was once considered one of the “slums” of Rome but today it offers a unique sort of boho charm. It is the new coolest area to stay. About 15 years ago, it was the Red Light District, but has since been redeemed from that and is one of the best and most popular places to stay in Rome. Home to many churches and its namesake square, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, this area filled with hip restaurants, small artisan businesses, bars and fantastic shopping will not disappoint. Grab a bite to eat at varied restaurants, offering traditional Roman fare as well as French, Asian and Spanish cuisine. Stop in a small trendy bar afterward for some vino or an artisan drink. Lcated between the Colosseum and Termini Station, it is accessible for all of the main sights during the day and a great place to stay for its fun nightlife after dark.



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