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July 20, 2022 2 min read

Most people say that it's all in the journey, not the destination. While that may be hard to say for air travel, it can easily relate to traveling via train. Nothing tops the romanticism and window-side sightseeing opportunities of a train ride.

Following are some of the most famous railways around the world that you should travel on with people you love.

Rovos Rail – South Africa

Point bridges South Africa Steam train

Rovos Rail has a range of various journeys that will bring you closer to untamed African life and empower you to see a wide range of features in a single trip. The itineraries are predominantly in South Africa and venture into Namibia and Kenya. The trains are a combination of exemplary steam motors that have been affectionately reestablished by the Vos family and modern diesel and electric locomotives. The carriages are enhanced in colonial style, with rich wooden framing and suites that even have sufficient space for a shower.


The Rocky Mountaineer – Canada

Sea to Sky Highway West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

The west coast of Canada is notable as a well-known adventure destination; however, the best way to experience most of it is by being onboard the Rocky Mountaineer. As the name recommends, this luxurious train goes through the Rocky Mountains, taking visitors between the lovely city of Vancouver and the enchanting towns of Banff and Jasper. The scenery on this route is extremely stunning; this is a route that no car can follow, so know that you are in for something truly amazing.


Bernina Express – Switzerland 

Bernina-Express Railway, Graubünden, Switzerland

Named after the Bernina Alps, which the train goes through, the Bernina Express is perhaps the most beautiful rail holiday on the planet, let alone Europe. Alpine surroundings pass by the giant, panoramic windows as you slide through mountains, over viaducts, and along lavish grape plantations. The line extends from Chur, in Switzerland, to Tirano, in Italy; however, you can decide to do smaller sections if you want. The whole route requires about four hours, and can be reached by taking the Bernina Bus from Tirano to Lugano.


The Flam Railway – Norway

Flamsbana between Flam and Myrdal in Aurland in Western Norway

At just an hour long, the Flåm Railway may not be the most terrific of excursions, but it's positively among the most picturesque. In all honesty, it's one of the top attractions in Norway and is every now and again hailed as one of the most lovely train rides on the planet. The Flåm Railway is almost magical in the colder months when a sweeping of snow transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland.

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