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November 24, 2021 2 min read

Moab, Utah is a playground for bikers, climbers, campers, hikers, and anyone into water sports, four-wheel driving, general sightseeing, or ATVs. The scenery here is beyond imagination, with arches, canyons, Colorado River, and slick rocks dictating the view. Nestled between 2! National Parks,the sheer number of activities to do around Moab are boundless and intriguing for people of all ages.


The top 4 best activities everyone should do when they visit Moab, Utah:

Biking On The Slick Rock Trail

Biking on Slick Rock Trail, Moab, Utah, USA

Moab is a famous destination for mountain bikers, and the Slick Rock Trail is the star attraction that makes all of this possible. This trail is a workout suited to advanced mountain bikers; however, everyone seems to enjoy a bike ride despite the trail`s loop twists and slick edges. Intermediate bikers will find this doable, with some walking involved in more complex areas.

Novice bikers can also attempt this trail; however, we can bet that they`ll be heard recounting their harrowing experiences later on that day.


Experience The View From Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point, Moab, Utah

Dead Horse Point State Park is an off-road trip that leads up to Canyonlands National Park. This place offers scenic views over a road alongside the Colorado River. Potash Road, also known as Lower Colorado Scenic Byway, is a less traveled state road running along the Colorado River just north of Moab, and ending at the border of Canyonlands National Park. Not only are the sights here incredible, they're distinct compared to other areas in the region. 


Driving An ATV On The Slick Rock

ATV on Sand Dune, Moab, Utah

Taking an ATV out on the Slick Rock is another popular activity in this area. Rentals are readily available in Moab, and there are some great places you can ride. If you're not up for hiking or mountain biking through the Slick rock, an ATV is a fun way to explore the scenery.


Run Down A Sand Dune

Sand Duning, Moab, Utah

North of Moab, directly across the entrance to Arches National Park, there's a hillside patch of sand that's almost always busy with adults and kids. It's a popular attraction that provides no end to the fun for kids who climb up the hill and roll down over and over again.



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