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November 16, 2022 2 min read

The cool breeze of fall heralds a time of crunching leaves, country harvests, and soothing drinks! There are numerous fun fall activities to get you outside, and if you live in Canada or are visiting there, then these 4 activities are a must!


1.   Early Salmon Run And Bears

Grizzly Bear catches Salmon in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Goldstream Provincial Park is a fun place to visit. It's because it is salmon spawning season! In October, thousands of Chum, Coho, and Chinook salmon make their way up the Goldstream.

Watch from observation stands as Bald Eagles dive and swoop on the unsuspecting salmon. Not only it's a treat to watch, but it also attracts several local bears. You can watch these giant bears splash and wade in the river water as they catch fish right out of the air.


2.   Northern Lights Display

aurora borealis over Spirit Island in Maligne lake at Jasper national park, Alberta, Canada

It may sound clichéd, but there is nothing quite like watching the dancing northern lights. The most significant places to view them in Canada during fall are Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories and Yukon in Whitehorse.


3.   Polar Bears Sightseeing

Polar bear walks across frozen pond in Churchill, Manitoba, Canad

Polar bear sightseeing should absolutely be on your list. These arctic animals are generally on the move in Churchill, Manitoba, making it one of the top places to spot them during the fall.

There are also tours on offer in giant snow trucks that let you sit 2.5 meters high to enjoy the Manitoba wilds properly. You can experience the local wildlife of Churchill on a guided tour that shows you golden eagles, arctic foxes, and many more animals who prowl on the arctic tundra.


4.   Fundy Coastal Drive Or Kayak

Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Canada at low tide

Take a drive down the coast alongside Fundy National Park and go to the place with one of the world's highest tides, reaching over 16 meters. Fundy has a massive collection of rock formations, dinosaur fossils, and secret caves from the Triassic periods.

You can also drop by Joggins Fossil Cliffs and explore this rocky outcrop that's drenched in 300 million years of history. Alternatively, you can kayak along the coastline or really go on an ocean adventure with the Horseshoe paddle cove.

For the more adventurous people, taking a tour of Chinecto shore lets you enjoy gourmet meals, seal watching, and cave exploration. What's more, you can go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy and watch these magnificent mammals make their way along the coast.

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