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August 25, 2021 2 min read

This blog highlights some scenic routes that will take you to surreal places stretching across cities and wildernesses you’ll never forget. So, let’s take a look at some of America’s most incredible motorcycle trips that have made the road a way of life.

Hudson River Valley, New York

Hudson Valley, viewed from Bear Mountain

Hudson River ride is an excellent escape from Manhattan into the winding roads of one of the most diverse color palettes. This makes for a beautiful ride during the fall season, with the forests presenting beautiful hues of orange and green, while the temperatures remain comfortable to majority of riders.

Southern California Coast/Ojai

Ojai, California, USA - Pink Sky in Ojai

There are several reasons why people like riding a motorcycle in California. You can enjoy beautiful coastal views, inhaling the salty ocean air and heading skyward, carving your motorcycle through corners, weaving your way up the highlands. The Ojai is situated north of CA-33, where there are 38 miles of winding, curving, twisting, beautifully paved roads that cut through Los Padres National Forest.

Kelly Drive, Philadelphia

Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania

This scenic stretch of roads alongside the Schuylkill River connects the outskirts of the city to downtown Philadelphia. Under-experienced riders often underestimate it, yet Kelly drive is best-ridden when there’s little to no traffic on it. Riding around or after midnight hours offers the most satisfying experience. The route consists of short straights, flowing sweepers, and a few technical corners. With the river on the side, a dash of moonlight, and crisp dawn air, this undeniably becomes a ride that uplifts your spirits.

Flagstaff To Sedona, Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

The Arizona State Route 89A is about 27 miles from some of the most gorgeous views in America, particularly as you’ll drive through Oak Creek Canyon. Past here, an epic ride awaits with hairpin turns and switchbacks augmented with surreal views of aspen, maple, and oak forests, waterfalls, cliffs, and red rocks.

Woodside To Pescadero, California

Pescadero Point Beach - California

This section has big, fast, sweeping corners and will take you out to see the Pacific Ocean for a bit on the straight Highway section. Later you’ll be turning inward into Pescadero Creek, which is complete with tight and slow turns. These roads will push your high and low-speed skills to the limit, as you take in on the tumultuous roads and the gorgeous scenery.

Summing Up
To reach these roads safely, you’ll need to plan and save yourself the hurdles of wrong turns. A push pin map can save you time and hassle by helping you plan your trips appropriately. Looking for one? Order here!

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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