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If you love to travel but feel disappointed once you arrive home because you didn’t take enough pictures, there are alternative cool ways to record your travels as solutions! By becoming better organized before your trip, you’re able to document your travel experience in a way that feels right to you. You’ll look forward to spending a few minutes each evening jotting down your ideas for the day, so you’re better able to organize your thoughts once you’re home.

Sharing what you experienced is half the fun of traveling. Other people want to know what you did, how you felt, and what you learned. Use this curiosity to your advantage. Take on the role of a travel writer or travel reporter your next trip for a richer and more meaningful experience.

You’ll appreciate the time you took to honor and record your journey. There’s seldom a person who regrets creating a personal trip tracking account of their travels. The list we’ve created for you to explore allows you to get up close and personal with the idea of immersive travel.


Five fun and exciting ways to document your travel experience include:

  • Taking one of your favorite photographs and turning it into wall art or a pillow. 
    Cork Memo Board for Photos
     Why decorate your home with someone else’s pictures of Paris? You’ve got your own to choose from. Turn them into fantastic décor items for your living room or bedroom.


  • Writing a postcard to yourself for each of the places you travel to and sending them to your home. You can then assemble them into a bound journal that you display on your coffee table. Make sure to include as much detail as possible while you’re writing. A postcard isn’t large, so it shouldn’t take you long to fill out.





  • Record your thoughts in a Journal.Using a hardbound journal or notebook to keep the details straight in your mind is highly recommended. It’s a great way to display flat souvenirs and to include photos that you take with an instant camera or drawings that you create while people-watching.


  • Capture video of the most incredible sights that you’ve visited.Post them to social media so other people can be part of the experience. Be mindful not to reply to any comments until after you’re home. You want to soak up the experience as much as possible.


  • Purchase a map and use it to record where you’ve visited. 
     A DIY Canvas Travel Map Kit allows you to select the map of your choice, add custom personalization, and mark off the places you’ve been with push pins. It’s a fun and interactive way to document your travels. It also goes great with the photographs you turned into canvases and pillows. And since it's printed on canvas then you could even roll it up and take it with you!






There are many ways to make your travel experience last longer than your time away from home. The suggestions above are just a sample of the creativity you can explore while traveling. There are many ways to document your experience through photography, live streaming, vlogging, blogging, and creating artwork.


Enjoy Travel in Technicolor Detail Long After You’ve Arrived Back Home

Travel is Rewarding.Travel is rewarding. It satisfies your wanderlust by allowing you to see the sights you've read about in books or in seen in iconic film locations. It provides you an opportunity to do some deep soul searching, exploring, and getting to know other people, their culture and customs, food, traditions, language, and holidays.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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