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August 27, 2019 3 min read

Germany’s old imperial center, Frankfurt, is the economic and commercial center of the country. The skyline of the city is filled with high-rise buildings and is tinged with a North American style, which earns it the nicknames of “Chicago on the Main” and “Mainhattan.” This global city is considered one of the best to live and do business in. Frankfurt, Germany is filled with cultural activities as well as many remarkable tourist locations, including its exceptional number of art, history and science museums. Discover some of the best Frankfurt tourist attractions today. Be sure to pin them on your classic map of Germany!

The Römerberg 

Frankfurt Old Town and Justice FountainLocated in Alstadt, the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town, the Römerberg is a square-ish shape with the Justice Fountain found at its center. This is the busiest zone as far as pedestrians go and is also the most picturesque public square in Frankfurt. In this area, there are many touristy things to do, including visiting a plethora of open-fronted shops as well as the historic Wertheim House, which remains after the 1944 air raids that destroyed much of the rest of the area. Here you can also see the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and the 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard.

The Museum District

The Museum District of Frankfurt (Museumsufer), is located on the south bank of the River Main. It offers a unique collection of museums, including the Museum of World Cultures (Museum der Welkurlturen), which is one of the top ethnological museums of Europe. You can also expect to see the Museum of Ancient Sculpture (Stadtische Galerie Liebieghau), which houses many Egyptian, Roman, Asian and Greek sculptures. Also be sure to check out the unique Icon Museum (Ikonen-Museum der Stadt Frankfurt am Main), which treasures numerous Christian Orthodox images. Other notable area museums include the  Städel Art Museum and the German Architectural Museum (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) as well as the Museum of Applied Art (Museum Angewandte Kunst).


Kleinmarkthalle in FrankfurtThis marketplace is a great place to get a feel for the city of Frankfurt. At Kleinmarkthalle, expect to see many locals going about their daily shopping business. The hall dates back to 1954 with its 1,500 square meters house and 150 market stalls, which sell some of Germany’s finest foods. Here is a fantastic place to try out the famous “Green Sauce” of Frankfurt (Frankfurter Grüne Soße), which is a traditional condiment that is made up of seven herbs, egg, and sour cream. Also be sure to try pastries, cheeses, and sausages while here!

The Hauptwache

Translated as the Main Guard, the Hauptwache is another of the busiest pedestrian areas of Frankfurt. This area is famous for its mixture of both modern structure and fine historic buildings. Be sure to see the old Baroque Guard House, which the square is named after. This house once was home to the city’s militia and prison and later became a police station. Today, it serves as a lovely café.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

The St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is a gothic Roman Catholic building built between the 13th and 15th century of red sandstone. It stands 95 meters tall and features skyscrapers that out stand the rest of those in the city. Here the coronation of Emperors took place from 1562 to 1792 in the Election Chapel.

St. Bartholomew Cathedral in Frankfurt

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