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May 12, 2021 2 min read

From the detailed travel accounts of Francis Drake to the diaries of any travel enthusiast of the 21st century, one thing that connects centuries of travel adventures are good old travel journals.      

While nowadays travelers do have loads of options on their hands to record their travel tales, despite all this, we are certain that traditional travel journals will never go obsolete!

Now, if you're wondering why, here are a few reasons.


1. Excellent Trip Guide
Planning a Journey with  Travel Journal

If you're not someone who travels spontaneously, you'll definitely plan things. With a travel journal, you get the opportunity to make a list of the places you want to see, and the activities you want to do. This makes your trip more convenient and saves time. Writing down information about the best restaurants to eat at or cultural activities to do is also a great idea.


2. You Can Note Important Information And Contacts

Travel information is essential to keep, especially if you are going on a long trip. Sure, this information can be saved on your mobile phones, but recall the last time you saved something on your phone and then reverted back to it!

Keeping all vital information such as timetables, flight info, contacts, accommodations in a travel journal is a more organized way to have everything in one place.


3. You Can Save Photo Memories
Save a Postcard in Travel Journal

You will be taking pictures during your trips, but what about postcards? You can get one from anywhere to add to your travel journal. Attaching one of these to your travel journal will fill it with visuals, and they also serve as souvenirs and memories. One can forget many things from a trip, but photo memories help you remember many experiences.


4. Travel Journals Help Others

One of the most incredible things about keeping a travel journal is that it can also help others. When you return from a trip, you can share helpful tips with your friends and family regarding the places you saw. You can ensure that others have a pleasant time visiting the cities that you've visited before.


5. They Help You Learn About Yourself
Travel Journal Sketching

With a travel journal, you're not writing for the audience; you're writing for yourself and your soul. You can write however you like and whatever you like with confidence. No one will ever judge what you wrote in your travel journal. Avoid negative thoughts, and you'll notice how everything comes from within. Note down your moments of happiness, stress, fear, courage, frustration and learn about yourself even more along the way.





To Sum It Up

How To Use Leather Travel Journal

Keeping it old school has its own benefits. Not only do travel journals offer the authentic experience of traveling and keeping records of one's accounts, but also ensure that you get to relive the exact moment, again and again, each time you go through a particular entry. Even when it's full, you'll never be done using it, keep it handy to relive each memory.


What are your thoughts about keeping a handy travel journal on your next journey? Let us know in the comments below.

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