5 Ways to Be a Lifetime Learner While Traveling

June 10, 2020 3 min read

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Traveling changes people for the better. It allows them to step outside of their comfort zones and explore the world around them. Rather than base your experience on the photos you’ve seen in books, online, or on TV, you get to witness the vast expanse of beauty the world has to offer. You get to engage all five senses in what could possibly be the best experience you’ve ever had in your lifetime.

As a person on the planet, you’ll get many opportunities to share what you’ve learned. That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind and schedule wherever you go. You never know which opportunities await you or how they’ll transform you.


Ways to Make Learning Fun

There are many ways to make learning fun. Each destination on your list offers an entirely new experience with different cultures, customs, religions, foods, scenery, language, and traditions to explore. Determining which options provide the most value to you can help you give your trip a greater sense of purpose and ensure that you make the most out of every second you’re away from home.


Here are five ways to be a lifetime learner while traveling:


Attend festivals, conferences, and ceremonies.

Chinese Lantern FestivalIf they’re open to the public or you get a private invitation, make sure to attend as many local events as possible. Doing so helps you learn more about a country, its agriculture, and its people. You’ll be able to have a better basis of understanding about the places you’ve traveled to in the past.



Use language learning apps to practice speaking with the locals.

Converse with the LocalsPeople are more impressed by your desire to communicate with them in their own language. They could care less about how perfectly you speak. They love the idea that you’re open to learning more about them and their country’s languages.



Play the role of detective.

Investigate While TravelingObserve everything you can. Record your findings in a notebook and collect ‘evidence’ of your theories. There are many paper items you can pick up along the way to serve as fodder for your travel notebooks. Use your findings to write rich travel blogs and stories based on your personal journeys.


Take a cooking class.

Cooking with the LocalsMany places offer you the opportunity to cook with local families. If you travel to an area that allows you to do this, by all means, do it! You’ll come home with recipes to recreate and cherished memories to share with others.



Learn how to create arts and crafts.

Basket WeavingEvery country has a pastime that it takes pride in wholly. Think rug-weaving, bread-baking or woodworking. See if someone is willing to teach you what they know. You’ll be able to pass on your knowledge to others once you arrive home again.



Learn everything you can about the countries that you visit. There are ways to have more immersive experiences. Using the suggestions listed above as inspiration, come up with at least one way to be a better learner wherever you go.


Push Pin Travel Maps Make Excellent Souvenirs

Holi Festival of Colors, IndiaPush Pin Travel Maps offers unique souvenirs for you to enjoy. From Bucket List Trackers to world maps in every size and style, you’ve got options. Take what you’ve learned from your last trip and use it to create a travel display inside your home that encourages you to continue learning all you can about a land and its residents.

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