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Merida is located in the heart of the Yucatan and offers so much to visitors. When planning a trip to the Yucatan, consider adding some of these fun activities to your list of things to do in Merida, Mexico! Upon your return, don't forget to pin your adventures on our classic-style Mexico travel map.

Merida is nicknamed ciudad blanca, which translates to “white city.” The area features many beautiful white buildings throughout, but what stands out more is the culture. Merida is also the largest Yucatan City, which features a very friendly and welcoming bunch of inhabitants. The nightlife is also fun and active, especially on weekends. What’s more is traveling to Merida is actually somewhat inexpensive! Compared to destinations on the other side of the Yucatan peninsula, you will spend only a fraction of the price in Merida!

Free Morning Walking Tours

Merida sign, MexicoEach morning, there is a free walking tour of Merida. Starting out at the centrally located Plaza Grande, you can learn about the city’s history as well as a little information that will benefit you as you set out to navigate your way around Merida. The tour also introduces you to many of the attractions and sites around Merida centro. This is a fantastic way to begin the first day of your visit to the area.

See Pok Ta Pok

Pok Ta Pok is a traditional sport representative of an ancient Mayan ball game. During the game, players slide on the cobblestones in front of the Cathedral and Plaza Grade each Saturday night at 8:30 in attempt to score by hitting the ball into the post with their hips. Have a blast whether you just walk by to see the fun or try to jump in a game yourself!

Visit Paseo de Montejo

The grand Paseo de Montejo is a wide avenue filled with historic mansions and quaint cafes. Although a Starbucks can be found on the street, most of the places to stop in are filled with local culture. Be sure to try food at one or several of the local cafes. For a real treat, skip the Starbucks and head to Posheria, where they add a shot of pox (local Mayan liquor) to your latte (you do have to ask for it)!

Lucas de Galves Market Merida

Market in Merida, MexicoThe main market location in Merida is a must-see! From homemade crafts, fresh vegetables, local clothing and textiles and much more, the Lucas de Galves Market is a sure way to experience local culture. Dating back to the late 1800’s, this area is highly popular and buzzing with life. Be prepared for the hectic yet fun atmosphere as you weave your way throughout this maze. 

Explore Public Buildings around Plaza Grande for FREE

The Plaza Grade’s perimeter offers several public buildings you can tour for free! Check out the Museo Fernando Garcia Ponce-Macay to see a museum featuring artwork, Merida’s Grand Cathedral de San Ildefonso or go for an open air stroll through the roomy halls of the Palacio de Gobierno.

Drink your way across Town

Margaritas in MeridaMerida is filled with lively bars and cantinas. Grab micheladas, cervezas, palomas, margaritas or whatever your drink is at many locations across town. Head to Merida centro and you will find a plethora of places to stop in and get drinks, snacks and great live music. 

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