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A photo scavenger hunt is a fun way to get to know your surroundings while traveling. Using a pre-populated list, you hunt for items and take photos of what you’ve found. It’s something that is often done in a group but easy enough to complete on your own. Photo scavenger hunts give you a collection of photographs to enjoy that you may not have thought about taking otherwise.

A bucket list includes things that you’ve spent your whole life wanting to do and experience. It can be as outrageous as your mind allows, too, because it focuses on your loftiest dreams. People often travel with a bucket list of activities to complete while on their trip because it’s their opportunity to let their guard down and live life to its fullest.


The Trip of All Trips Becomes More Memorable and Fun


One of the beautiful things about travel is how easy it is to personalize your experiences. Sure, you may have read about a dream destination in a guidebook or see it on TV. Still, you get to experience it in whichever way you choose, which is what makes the idea of a photo scavenger hunt and bucket list theme excellent. You get to decide which adventure you want to go on next.


Here is how to combine a photo scavenger hunt and bucket list in one trip: 


  • Look for what goes well together. 

     A fine dining restaurant’s sign may fulfill a requirement on the scavenger hunt list. Eating an unfamiliar food at the same restaurant could help you cross that item off your bucket list.
  • Use landmarks as places to spot scavenger list items.

     The Eiffel Tower may be a place you want to document a romantic kiss with your camera. It may also be a goal of yours to have a photo taken in front of the landmark by a stranger. Check, scavenger hunt, and bucket list done in the same afternoon.
  • Ask your family and friends for suggestions.

     Add their ideas to your scavenger hunt list while crossing off the bucket list items that fill your soul. Send photos to your relatives and BFFs with a heartfelt thanks for being invested in your journey.


Pulling off activities like the ones listed above takes creativity and planning. If you’re willing to devote some time to the effort, you’ll reap the rewards of a truly fantastic trip. It will be everything you hoped it would be thanks to how you personalized the experience to fulfill your dreams.



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Find Your Way Scavenger Hunt ClueFor more bucket list ideas, don’t forget to check out our online storefront. You’ll find an entire section of our website dedicated to products that offer suggestions of things to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’ You’ll have a blast choosing your own bucket list activities and photo scavenger hunt ideas to search for once you’ve arrived at your destination

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