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March 25, 2020 2 min read

You’ve already requested vacation time off and it's been approved but when traveling outside your home and city isn’t a possibility, what do you do? Rather than sit around and mope, you can create a staycation for yourself and your family! It’s a cost-effective and less crowded alternative to traveling to a tourist destination.


Here is how to have the best staycation of your life:


Decide how long you’ll be off of work.

Staycation PlanningIt will give you an idea of what you’ll reasonably have time to do during your time off. You may have just a few days off or more than a week. What you choose to do during that time has to do with the total amount of time that you have off. You can have a jam-packed week or focus on a few activities outside the house. It’s your choice!











Choose a few things you'd like to do together.

Ask your family to weigh in on the subject so that everyone enjoys the staycation together. They’ll have ideas of things that they think they’d have fun doing. Make sure that the kids have some say here, too. They want to be a part of the planning process.


Create an itinerary of events.

Determine the best days of the week to do certain activities. Keep in mind business hours, special pricing, and crowds. You may find it better to avoid certain areas of the cities at certain times of day or days of the week. Whatever you can do to make your staycation less stressful, make sure to do it.


Purchase a cookbook with cuisine that you’d like to try.

Staycation Easy to Learn CuisineExplore a world of flavors by selecting a new country to learn about. Make it a point to cook one new meal a day. Go to ethnic supermarkets to pick out your ingredients. That way, you’re able to create authentic flavors using what you’ve bought. You'll get a hint of the experiences you'll have when you are able to visit that country!

Take lots of pictures.

You’ll love sharing the activities that you did and the memories that you made. Post them to social media with #staycation. Let others see how much it can be to stay home. You don’t need to worry about travel restrictions when the places you plan on visiting are mere minutes away.

Make it a point to rest.

Staycation Resting and Reading

It’s your one opportunity to take things easy and stop going at the breakneck speed you're accustomed to. Schedule lots of naps into your week. Lay in the hammock you have in your backyard.


A staycation can be just as fun as a full-fledged vacation. It allows you to do some of the exciting activities you never seem to get to do around your city because hadn't found the time to explore them. Now that you have the time it allows you to take a break from your everyday routine and get lots of rest in at one time. When else are you going to be able to do that from the comfort of your own home?



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