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August 04, 2021 2 min read

Chicago in summer is every tourist's paradise. There's just so much to explore and to do there. There's boats, beach bars, music concerts, and museums. But that's just scratching the surface of one of America's liveliest places. Get your US map, because it's time to plan your road trip across the US and stop for a weekend during Your Summer in Chicago. And yes, let's keep those masks on since the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet.


Here are 4 major things you can do to experience Chicago as a weekend tourist. 


Wine Glasses on Rooftop Bar - Chicago

Patios, beach bars and rooftops to visit in Chicago

Summer means beach season! And Chicago is famous for its top sandy shores for plenty of reasons. There's plenty of beach bars to get your drinks on. And make sure you visit the patios too. If you're at Lincoln Park or West Town, check out Parson's.

Last but not the least, don't forget to experience the dark, starry nights in Chicago at a rooftop bar.



Museums in Chicago

The good news is that Chicago's museums are opening after a long hiatus. There's the Art Institute and Field Museum that serve up some good exhibitions for tourists. For superhero fans, Marvel is bringing its Universe of Superheroes exhibit with over 300 artefacts and memorabilia! Don't miss out on them. You might find the perfect gift idea at this event too.


Chicago Skyline with Fireworks at Navy Pier

Dine out in style on the street

From May till September last year, Chicago held a pandemic dining event Dine Out Broadway. It proved such a hit, as you can get to experience it once more this year. This event will be running two weekends per month from May to September 2021. Get to experience the best seasonal dishes from Belmont, Broadway, Wellington and more.


Get to enjoy fireworks in Chicago

Did you check out Navy Pier? After the year we've had, this pier has proved to be one of the most important symbols ushering in a sense of normalcy among Chicago natives. All thanks to its weekly Saturday night summer fireworks show. Don't miss out on this.


To Sum It Up

If you're looking to make the most out of your vacation trip to Chicago, a high-quality push pin map can help you find the best landmarks. Push Pin Travel Maps offers a huge assortment of canvas maps, anniversary gift ideas, and more to make the most of your trip to Chicago. Check out our Iconic Cities of the World Bucket List or Create Your Own Bucket List with Chicago as the first pin. How many cities have you pinned? 

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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