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February 02, 2015 3 min read

For many of us, when we think of canal cities, the stunning vistas of Venice spring to mind, with images of gondolas sailing slowly over the various tapered water alleyways. However, there are many more canals and waterways throughout the world that shine just as brilliantly, if not more so, than Venice. If you are looking for a destination that offers breath-taking scenery, then don’t overlook these beautiful canal cities.

Water Towns, China

Located around an hour’s drive from Shanghai, the Water Towns of China are something out of an ancient legend. There are six main water towns in this area, each a major tourist attraction, and each one giving you the opportunity to gaze at the beauty of ancient Chinese architecture to see how life was lived. The magnificent stone bridges are an iconic feature of the Chinese water towns, which were built during the Ming Dynasty. Take a trip down the Yangtze River and watch out for ancient temples. Don’t forget to look for the familiar red lanterns swinging in the breeze from the various buildings.

Venice, Italy

Venice is the most famous of all the canal cities in the world. One of the highlights of any visit to Italy, this spectacular canal city is inundated with glorious architecture from different periods of history, restaurants filled with heavenly scents and a romantic setting for honeymooners and lovers.

Cape Coral, Florida, US

Known as the Waterfront Wonderland, Cape Coral was created during the 1950s and 60s and stretches for 400 miles. Around 150,000 people call this area home, with many flora and fauna in residence as well.

El Gouna, Egypt

When most people think of Egypt, images of the majestic pyramids, ancient temples and the Sphinx come to mind. Even outside of Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria the only other resort many have heard of is Sharm el Shek. El Gouna is a stunning resort created during the 1990s, ideal for travelers who want to soak up the sun in style. All the islands in the area are connected to the Red Sea via canals, giving life to the desert.

Annecy, France

France is a country full of culture, style and charm, with Paris being the number one tourist destination in the world. However, head down to Annecy and you will discover the true charms of the country. Sail gently down the Annecy canals and uncover authentic French delicacies from quaint little towns, where there are numerous historical buildings and cultural monuments not to be overlooked. Whilst in Annecy, however, don’t pass up on the chance to visit the Palais de l’Isle.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg captures the imagination as soon as you glance at images of its great 19thCentury cathedrals, but once you arrive you truly discover just how beautiful it is. There are many ways in which you can travel down the Neva River canals, which will depend on your budget, but the sights of the many cathedrals and museums make it well worth every penny.

Kerala, India

The picturesque canal town of Kerala in southern India sums up the meaning of Asia exoticness. It was established during the period when India was a British colony, to help aid trade and transportation of goods through the region. Nowadays it has become a major tourist attraction without losing its beauty and magic.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a city inundated with Gothic architecture, giving visitors a truly magnificent atmosphere in which to enjoy. The canals in Bruges were created centuries ago and appear in the shape of a moat encompassing the old town region. Each of the different canals in Bruges have their own unique attractions to visit, so make sure you visit each one.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is synonymous with bright lights and hustle and bustle but the capital city has much more to offer than busy streets. Its extensive system of canals was created during the 19th Century and is home to many gondolas, which you can use to go shopping for clothes, jewelry, artifacts and many other local treasures.

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