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August 05, 2020 3 min read

Instagram is a source of inspiration for people wanting to live their best lives. That’s why so many travelers spend their time on the platform. They find it inspiring to follow other adventurers from around the globe. If you’re new to traveling and want to know where to go and what to do, seek the advice of people who have been there, done that, and documented the outcome on IG.

Full of colorful options, your feed is likely a mash-up of the things you love most, with travel being at the top of the list. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling in the past, it likely is a priority for you now. While you’re sheltering at home, start planning your first trip by gathering inspiration from the influencers that you follow on Instagram.



Start Following Travel Accounts Until You’ve Amassed an Impressive List

Green Sea Turtle, Great Barrier Reef, AU

It’s impossible to list all of the amazing travelers and adventures here. We’ve kept the list short, so you can start discovering your own favorites. That way, there isn’t any question as to the content that you start seeing showing up in your feed.






Some of the best travel and adventure accounts to follow today include:


  • @NatGeoTravel.If you love National Geographic magazine, you’ll enjoy the beautiful images you see on Instagram. Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, but they’re also very inclusive. You see people from all walks of life represented on the feed. If you’ve ever wanted to become a world traveler, you’ve found the account to give credit to now.


  • @camper_culture. What would be more exciting than to live out of a camper and travel full-time? This IG account is especially intriguing because it shows different sizes and styles of campers from around the world. If living a life as a nomad is something you’d be willing to explore, you’ll see how many other Instagrammers do it, thanks to this account.


  • @contentednomads.Follow a growing family as they live, work, and play out of their converted skoolie. If you ever wondered what living on the road with kids would be like, you’ll get an insider’s view of one family’s lifestyle by following their account. Five kids may be more than what you bargained for, but you’ll still see how their parents do it every day.



Caravan Near Mediterranean SeaThere are many travel influencers and companies to follow. You’ll likely stumble across some that you can’t help but love. The more time you spend on the platform looking through your feed, the more smitten with traveling you’ll become. You’ll find new ways to celebrate your life through the countries that you visit and the activities you choose to do going forward.



Make Instagram Your Go-To Source for Travel Inspiration Starting Today


Instagram is full of inspiring accounts to follow. Use our list as a starting point for culling your own travel-filled social media feed. You’ll find that some of the influencers that you see online live the exact type of lifestyle that you want to live. You can learn a lot from their posts and even have exciting new places to visit and activities to experience because of the time you spend looking at their content.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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