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October 27, 2021 2 min read

Museums are literal treasure troves of history, art, and culture and the main thing to do it learn and enjoy the experience. But what shouldn't you do at a museum? A few of the no-nos are posted, such as the signs – 'Do not touch the art'. But, there are many others that are implicit and whose observance ensures that every individual visiting the museum gets the best experience possible.

You need to make sure that while observing the awe-inspiring history of the place you're visiting none of your actions disrespects or disturbs the atmosphere. So, here are some things which you should always keep in mind, most notably when you visit a museum during your travels.


Don't Touch Anything 

Viewing Art in a Museum

Museums are places for contemplation and learning. Even though you would perchance assume that all the grownups are pretty alert to this etiquette, apparently, some are not.

Certain selfie-addicted tourists might tend to disturb the setting of the display just to accommodate themselves or to get a better angle for their pictures. There have been numerous instances where children have been allowed by parents to take rides on millions of dollars worth of art pieces, or people themselves have disregarded the sanctity of century-old artefacts.


Supervise Your Children at a Museum

On the flip side, there are numerous museums that allow and even encourage guests to act reasonably with some exhibitions. No touching doesn't necessarily mean no participation. However, if such interactions aren't mentioned, the best rule of thumb is to not touch anything!


Flash Can Be A No-Go 

The Louvre

There's a particular rule that prohibits flash photography due to its damaging effects on paintings and artefacts. The debate over this prohibition has been prevalent for several years now, most notably at the Louvre, housing the Mona Lisa.

In case photography is allowed, you can enjoy taking some great pictures using the lighting available, and be sure to watch for the flash.


And when in doubt,

Shut Your Mouth

Laughing, shouting, and noisy sounds are mostly considered annoying and disrespectful. No one wishes to be disturbed in the middle of a reflective moment. Make sure you don't talk and laugh loudly or yell until you're outside the museum. 


Follow these as a general rule of thumb and you'll find a pleasant experience for everyone. Make your experience more memorable by checking those fancy, one-of-a-kind museums off your bucket list! Create your very own bucket list here. 

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