May 11, 2022 2 min read

Now that the time is here to make reservations for your plans, the question that arises is, where should you go? And what are the travel trends that have emerged since the last time you traveled? To make things easy for you, we thought that it would be better to identify the top travel destinations of 2022 that you should have on your travel map.


Top Travel Destinations of 2022



Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape

If you are searching for an extravagant destination, then Scandinavia is the place that you should visit in the year 2022. Envision lavish inns set on the edge of plunging fjords and luxury train ventures winding through rich mountains. Picture extravagant castles oozing in regal history and upscale urban areas loaded with the best shops, bars, and eateries.

Scandinavia is a place where you can have the best time if you genuinely want to spend some time relaxing while watching some of the most majestic views in the whole world. Put some pins on your Classic Scandinavia Push Pin map so you can easily reminisce your amazing travels. 



Costa Rica

Pacific Ocean, Corcovado national park, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

There won't be a better opportunity to get away and enrich your life with new experiences and adventures. Assuming that you're prepared to restore your whole self in eco-friendly heaven, Costa Rica should be on your travel map. You'll return to nature with jungle adventures, wildlife encounters, volcano treks, and plenty of beach time.

On top of that, you'll get to meet local people, from natural ranchers to wildlife conservationists. Sustainable travel will be one of the greatest 2022 travel patterns, so get ready and arrange your Costa Rica trip.


The Mediterranean

port at the island Skopelos, northern Sporades, Greece

We know everyone is ready and excited to come out of Covid induced hibernation. Looking for a spot to awaken and recover your travel bug? Greece and Italy will never let you down, from the flawless islands to the heartfelt urban areas and antiquated history.

Be it hopping through the wineries in Tuscany or lounging on the beaches of Santorini, you know that you will have a great time in this sunny part of the world.

 Pin point all your Mediterranean travels with a regional Push Pin Travel Map! 


Final Thoughts


World Travel Map with Pins

Planning to travel this year, 2022? The places mentioned above are the best spots to stop along the way. They will equally excite you and rejuvenate you with a soothing environment, allowing you to take a break from the troubling times of late. Don't forget to plan and remember your travels with a new pinboard map from Push Pin Travel Maps! Discover your new work of art today!

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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