Relive your past globetrotting adventures with one of these modern 3-panel travel pin maps. Plot out and plan your next big vacation with push pins on your very own work of interactive art. The extra-large size of this travel map with pins ensures it will become a prominent element of your décor and also the ultimate conversation piece in your home office or business. Have fun reminiscing about past vacations, swapping travel stories and inspiring wanderlust with visiting friends and family. After all, who doesn’t love to talk about travel?!


Your handmade 3 panel push pin map will arrive ready to hang with a hanger already installed on the back of each panel. Just find the perfect spot for your pin map, use the included hanging hardware to hang it and start pinning your story. 100 pins are included in a mixture of red, white and black to get you started. Have your map personalized to create a special gift for your travel obsessed loved ones. Your personalization will be printed directly on the map itself. Your personalized wall map can include a name or names, favorite quote and a pin legend to truly make the map your own. Designate your pin legend however you see fit. One idea is: Red – His Travels, Black – Her Travels, White – Our Travels. The options for your pin legend are limitless so get creative and have fun creating the perfect personalization! Order your 3 Panel Gallery Wrapped Canvas map today and start daydreaming about that next big trip to pin!