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Create Your Own Bucket List - Pattern Backgrounds

Customized Bucket List

Whether it's written on a crumbled piece of paper or solely residing in their head, everyone has a Bucket List. We figured there had to be a better option for tracking a lifelong goal. That's why we decided to let you make your own, one-of-a-kind bucket list. Visualize and check items off your list using push pins on a beautiful piece of wall art you will be proud to hang in your home or office! Create your own bucket list tracker and show it off proudly as a reminder of your goals. Your customized checklist does not even have to be travel related. You can truly track anything you want!

Create a list of experiences you’d like to have, your lifelong goals, things you want to learn, or perhaps you have a bucket list of festivals, sporting events or concerts you’d like to attend…or...really....literally anything else! Make your own bucket list of things you want to do in your home state or during your favorite time of the year such as Summer or Christmas. For more ideas, see the bottom of this page and the samples in the listing photos. 

No matter what you decide to track, it will be more fun with your very own personalized custom bucket list. Your list will be printed on premium canvas, giving it a rich texture and a vibrant print that is sure to add a splash of flair to your décor. Choose your own title, personalization and 30 items (as well as 30 optional sub-items) for your push pin checklist to be placed on one of our unique pattern backgrounds. If you need some inspiration for your customizable bucket list, check out the example bucket lists in the listing photos. Don’t procrastinate checking things off your Bucket List any longer. Order your framed customizable checklist today and start reaching your goals!

How to Order

Choose your favorite background and framing style from the drop-down menus above. Next, download our "Bucket List Template" and fill out the title and personalization for your list. The personalization can be your name, a favorite quote or whatever you like! Use the table within the downloaded template to enter the 30 items and 30 sub-items (optional) for your list. Please keep each line item and sub-item to 35 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation, to ensure your text is not too small. Feel free to use this Letter Counter to ensure your text is not too long. After inputting your text, click the "File Upload" button to re-upload the file of your completed list. Next, click "add to cart" and proceed through the checkout process. 
Create Your Own Bucket List

Proof Approval Required

We will send you a proof of your Bucket List for approval before printing. We will not ship your list without proof approval, so be sure to check your email/spam folder 24-48 hours after ordering to avoid delays. Please carefully review your proof to ensure the title, personalization and list text is correct, as well as spelling and punctuation. Due to their customized nature, all create-your-own bucket list sales are final.

Frame Options Galore

Here at Push Pin Travel Maps we believe in choices. That’s why we offer 8 unique frame styles to choose from, as well as an unframed stretched canvas option for all our Bucket Lists. 
Frame Options:
Our frame options are anything but ordinary. Choose from one of our six unique 2" wood composite frames or one of our two solid wood frames, which are 2.25” wide and include a rich stained finish and an elegant beading. Bucket lists are printed on premium canvas and then mounted to foamcore board before being framed. For more information on each individual frame option, click here.

If you opt for the gallery wrapped option, your bucket list will be stretched around a hidden internal frame to create an elegant, modern frameless design, with the design being continued around all sides. No matter which option you choose, you will love tracking your goals on your Customized Bucket List Tracker!

What's In The Box

Sizing Details & Specs

  • Your stunning, ready-to-hang Bucket List
  • 150 Pins in a mix of red, white and black
  • Appropriate hanging hardware
Since we ship so many of our products as gifts, we do not include any invoices within the package. Feel free to leave a note at checkout if you would like us to send a gift note along with your Bucket List tracker.
  • Gallery Wrap Size: 20” High x 10” Wide x 1.5" Depth
  • Framed Size: 23.5” High x 13.5” Wide
  • Weight: 3 lbs
Your Personalized Bucket List Checklist will arrive ready to hang right out of the box. After you have found the perfect location to proudly display it, use the included hanging hardware to easily hang it on the wall. Easy peasy!

Example Bucket List Ideas!

"Christmas Time at the Armstrong House" – Create a checklist of annual traditions your family does each year. Enjoy pinning it every year and then store it away til next Holiday Season and let the tradition continue!  
"Smith Family Summer Bucket List" - Create a checklist for your family to be used every summer/winter/spring/fall/Easter/Halloween...etc. Look forward to completing your checklist each season as a family!
"Rebecca's 30 by 30 Bucket List" – Create a BL of things you want to accomplish by a certain age. Or a list of things to do before marriage, after the kids leave the house, or after you retire and have more free time on your hands! 
"Joey's Bucket List by 18" – A BL to track the milestones of growing up for a newborn or child. Have fun checking things off the list such as first words, first steps, learning to tie their shoes, first day of school, driving a car...etc. Makes a fun keepsake of these important life events!
"Jason & Jaimie's Experiences Bucket List" - A custom bucket list of experiences you'd like to have in your lifetime, such as: skydive, hold a koala, drive a sports car...or anything really!
Matt & Tiffany's Pre-Baby Bucket List" – A great gift idea for newlyweds who plan to have kids in a few years. Create a BL of things a couple should do before having kids.
"My Colorado Bucket List" – Create a Bucket List of things you want to do or see in your home state or city or even a destination you plan to visit.
"Steve's Festival Checklist"    Track all the festivals, concerts, sporting events or races you'd like to attend or participate in.
"John's Lifelong Goal to Learn"  – Have a long list of things you want to learn in your lifetime? Create a BL of all the hobbies and interests you want to learn, such as: learn an instrument, foreign language, how to cook fresh pasta...etc. Let your BL motivate you to start checking things off your list!

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