Gold - Push Pin Travel Map Pins - Pack of 50

These gold map pins are perfect for pinning all of the places you have visited or plan on visiting. Also great for pinning anything to bulletin boards, message boards, or any other kind of corkboard.

Each set of colored map pins contains 50 pins, packaged in a small plastic container.

*** PLEASE NOTE, OUR PINS Changed as of 8/31/2019. These pins are slightly bigger than those sent with maps shipped prior to 8/31/2019*** 

  • 5mm Round Head
  • 11mm shaft
  • Sharp points allow pins to be easily inserted and removed
  • Sold in solid color packs of 50. Sorry, but we are unable to mix and match colors

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
pins exactly as advertised = attractive

Using gold head pins for our first 50 years of travel as a married couple. I thought I had ordered two 50 gold pin tins with the map, but one of the tins was multi-color. Also, 5o was no where near enough, so I ordered 200 more. Looking forward to pinning ourselves down.

Great anniversary gift

We have been traveling our whole married life and our family bought us the push pin travel map to record our travels. It’s fun bringing up all the old memories as we add each pin. The map is beautiful in its frame.