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Light Pink - Push Pin Travel Map Pins - Pack of 50

These light pink map pins are perfect for pinning all of the places you have visited or plan on visiting. Also great for pinning anything to bulletin boards, message boards, or any other kind of corkboard.

Each set of colored map pins contains 50 pins, packaged in a small plastic container.

  • 5mm Round Head
  • 11mm shaft
  • Sharp points allow pins to be easily inserted and removed
  • Sold in solid color packs of 50. Sorry, but we are unable to mix and match colors


* PLEASE NOTE * Our pin supplier changed as of 8/31/2019. To match the pins shipped with your map, order these pins if your order date was on or after 8/31/19We no longer have matching pins for maps ordered prior to 8/31/2019. Our new pins are slightly bigger and the colors will not match our old pins.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


Briana Renich

We loved the ability to add colors so everyone in our family had their own. Perfect color for our daughter.

Nancy Bigwood
Great pins

Although I have no doubt the company would have exchanged for me I decided to keep the light pink and blue pins I ordered and use on my regular cork board as I realized upon receipt that the darker colors of same would show up better on my map of the world. I immediately placed new order. I like the fact that the pin tips are thin and stay securely
in the map without huge holes being made.