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February 10, 2021 3 min read

Every year offers new opportunities to experience life differently. Among the most gratifying is traveling. If you love a good adventure, there are ways to make each trip that you take even more special and memorable.

The world is a big, beautiful place worthy of exploring. Part of the journey is what you experience outside yourself. An even more significant portion of the experience is what you feel inside when you go somewhere you’ve never been to before or done something that you’ve never had the chance to do in the past.


Here are five incredibly cool ways to enhance your travel experiences in 2021:


  • Use your smartphone as a tour guide. 
    Smartphone Tour GuidesUse your mobile device in place of a person. Taking self-guided tours is easy. Many attractions have virtual tour guides that you can access through your smartphone. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the information being presented to you visually and verbally. You’ll  love having the freedom to go on a tour whenever you want.






  • Stay in lodging that you never considered before.One look at a website such as Airbnb, and you’ll find some of the most unusual places to stay in the world. From treehouse bungalows to retired airplanes, you’ve got options that make your whole trip worthwhile. Make the place that you lay your head part of your travel story. It could be a sailboat that you sleep on or an old grain silo that you call home away from home.


  • Live like a local from sunrise to sunset. 
    UNESCO world heritage canals of Amsterdam, The NetherlandsChallenge yourself to do what the locals do, such as biking in Holland. Wake when they wake. Eat what they eat. Go where they go. Follow their rituals and traditions. Document your experience in a journalor vlog.







  • Barter for something incredible.  Test how good of a negotiator you are by attempting to barter for something out of the ordinary. See what you can get by offering up something of your own. When you travel, leave a small amount of space in your suitcase for things that you’ve made or bought for this purpose. You’d be amazed at how willing people are to trade with you for something that they, too, don’t have.


  • Create a project around your travel destination. 
    Young Female PhotographerResearch the area that you’re traveling to and come up with ways to become more involved with the city and its people. You can make it a point to take 100 photographs of strangers or randomly abandon art for other people to find. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s 100 percent enjoyable.







Travel is deeply personal. There are many ways to make a trip something that stands out in your mind. Think of all the options you have available to try out. Then, start crossing items off the bucket list you created for yourself one by one.


A New Decade Calls for a Change in Perspective

Crystal photography ball showing the seascape at St Bees, Whitehaven, Cumbria - British seaside

Experience everything that travel has to offer you in the new decade. There are many ways to enhance your adventures, with the five suggestions above being a starting point for exploration. You can use the ideas to spark your own creative trips. If you love immersing yourself in your surroundings, you’ll find it a fun challenge to come up with new ways to engage all of your senses. A change in perspective allows you to feel the same level of excitement about your dozenth trip as you did about the very first journey you took in your lifetime.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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