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April 08, 2020 3 min read

Life has a way of changing you for the better. It takes you out of your comfort zone, shapes new perspectives, and encourages you to be the best version of yourself as humanly possible. It allows you to explore ideas and concepts that are foreign to you and explore lands you’ve never set foot on with curiosity and enthusiasm.

It encourages you to be an explorer of life and a traveler by nature. As you learn new things about the world, you also become more aware of things about yourself and how to be a better traveler. Self-discovery is a big part of discovering the world. Being up for the challenge of exploring what you know to be true and finding fault with your belief system can lead you down many beautiful roads, as demonstrated below.


Self-Growth Exercises for You to Try Today

Here are five self improvement ideas and self-growth exercises that make you a better traveler:


1. View the world through a lens of love. 

Lense of Love

You don’t know what another person is going through until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. When you view the world and its people with love, incredible things happen. You stop making differences between you and others. You don’t see things as a competition where you need to be better than your peers. Instead, you accept the fact that everyone is different and worthy in their own right. It helps you remain positive, knowing that love surrounds you even if a situation is negative.




2. Pare down your worldly possessions to only what you can carry with you.

Minimalism. Don’t knock it until you try it. You’ll experience an incredible sense of freedom when you own less and travel more. You can go from one place to the next without anything weighing you down. You become more appreciative of the things you do have, too.


3. Try living on a dollar a day.

Stretch A DollarMany people worldwide live on even less. Challenge yourself to be creative and see how far you can stretch your dollar. Remember that this exercise doesn’t apply to your normal monthly necessities, such as rent and utilities. It’s the spending money you give yourself. It makes you think twice about $4 lattes and Happy Hour with friends. It shows you how much you’re capable of doing for considerably less money than you currently spend.





4. Barter your skills for the things you need.

Learn how to acquire what you need by offering up your skills in exchange for them. See how many of your basic needs you can cover by bartering for them. You’ll be helping out other people in the process by allowing them to get what they need from you, too. Bartering is a practice accepted in countries around the world. It’s something that can help stretch your travel budget considerably.

5. Lower your carbon footprint by undoing some of the damage done to the planet. 

Carbon Footprint

Learn how your habits contribute to the health or destruction our living environment. Challenge yourself to discover new ways to lower your carbon footprint. You can positively impact the planet and your life for the better and be able to enjoy traveling to different locations across the globe more regularly.







The next travel experience that you have will be very eye-opening if you implement the exercises listed here. You’ll be able to see the world through a completely different perspective, letting go of past judgments and fears, and embracing change with positivity and enthusiasm.


Travel Stretches Your Boundaries as a Person and Changes You for the Better

Put it on your bucket list to be the best traveler you can possibly be. You’ve got opportunities to grow as a person at home and abroad. The more you practice self-growth, the better equipped you are to deal with life’s many challenges. You’re also able to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a completely different way of thinking and being in the future.

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Push Pin Travel Maps

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