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March 03, 2021 3 min read

If you’re the type of person who dreams of traveling long-term, you’ve likely come up with a list of reasons that you should and another list why you cannot. The greatest obstacle you may be experiencing is coming up with enough funds to pay for your travels. It’s completely understandable if you don’t have the means to do more than an occasional trip here or there until you’ve worked out all the details.


Transitioning from Part-Time Traveler to Full-Time Traveler

Being a full-time traveler takes planning. It requires money that you may not have at the moment. By carefully weighing out your options, you’re able to quickly come up with solutions that meet your needs financially and give you more of what you crave—travel.

Here are five ways to afford long-term travel:


  • Be realistic about what you’ll spend each day. 
    Fruit and vegetable market in narrow Florence street, Tuscany region of Ital
    You’ll want to have enough money available for you to feel comfortable and safe wherever you go. It’s easy to come up with a bare-bones budget, but it isn’t always realistic. Give yourself a reasonable figure to work with. Multiply it by the total number of days you plan on traveling.







  • Start looking for alternative forms of income. 
    Work Abroad From Home
    Look for jobs you can do while you travel. If your current employer is willing to allow you to work remotely, you’ve got things covered. If they won’t, however, you’ll need to have a regular source of income that replenishes the balance in your bank account.







  • Sell the things you no longer want or need. 
    Sell The Items You No Longer Need
    You’ll lighten your load and make it much easier for you to travel full-time. You’ll have fewer items to lug around or put into storage. It also provides you with more money for traveling which is far more rewarding than owning stuff you don’t use.







  • Carefully research the best time of year to travel, weekdays to buy plane tickets, and cities to stay in for the best savings. 
    Research Flight Purchases As Much As Possible
    There are tricks to traveling long-term. Learning new ways to save helps you extend your budget further. Planning as far in advance as possible makes it easier for you to accomplish your ultimate goal of traveling full-time.





  • Get a handle on your finances now in preparation for the future. 
    Save Money To Travel Further
    Learning to live comfortably on less now makes it easier for you to do so later on. If you’re more concerned about living your best life by traveling to places you’ve never gotten to see, you won’t experience FOMO when your friends go out without you because you’ve opted to save your money.

You can easily make arrangements to travel more frequently or for more extended periods. Taking some time to get to know your finances and the different streams of income you can earn passively makes a difference. It affords you the luxury of better, more in-depth travel experiences.



Plan Ahead for the Adventure You're Excited to Take!

Time To Travel

Make your dreams of long-term travel a reality. There are many ways to ensure that it happens. As long as you have a source of funding to finance your adventures, you won’t need to be in a hurry to come home soon.

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Push Pin Travel Maps

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