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July 07, 2021 2 min read

Push Pin Travel Maps offers an exclusive variety of travel wall arts available for home décor. If you're looking to showcase your knack for traveling on your walls, look no further. Start your travel wall today!

Here's a list of some of the best canvas art we have in our vast catalog:


1. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - Canvas Wall Art

Multi-Color Schemes

Not all those who wander are lost - quote art decor

This wall art is available in a variety of color schemes including: black and white, blue, grey, green, light cool, and red. If you're a Tolkien fan, you'll love this new print. The art is a wrapped premium canvas typography which will definitely demonstrate your love for traveling and aesthetics.

The piece arrives ready to be hanged and has the dimensions 10" H x 10" W x 1" (deep).


2. Once A Year Go Someplace - Canvas Wall Art

Multi-Color Schemes

Once a year go someplace - quote wall art decor

This wall art is one of our fan favorites. This travel art is a constant reminder to go out there and explore the big beautiful world. It's available in 6 colors, including blue, grey, orange, purple, teal, and vintage. The variety of available colors add a dash of pizzazz to your home, business, or office décor.

You can opt for gorgeous colors or go with a natural color scheme to achieve a subtler look. You can't go wrong either way.

This wall art comes ready to be hanged and has the following dimensions - 14"H x 11"W x 1" deep.


3. Just Go! - Canvas Wall Art

Just Go! - Travel Inspiration Art

If you're debating going on a trip, this "Just Go!" wall art will motivate you to go out there and explore the wonders of the world. Two color schemes are available featuring a cloud or map background. This wall art can be placed in any room, making it the perfect companion for a travel enthusiast.  


4. Oh, The Places You'll Go – Canvas Wall Art

Multi-Color Schemes

Oh, the Places You'll Go! Travel Canvas Art

The color selection of this "Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss" wall art is bold and bright and adds a flair to your décor with the travel art design. The dimensions for this piece of art 10" x 10", square, meaning it will fit seamlessly on your travel wall.


5. The World Is a Book- Canvas Wall Art

The World is A Book quote art on canvas - home decor

You can create your very own travel wall arts with this canvas design called "The world is a book" print. Hang it next to a Push Pin Travel Map, sprinkle in some vacation photos, and voila, you'll have a fantastic travel wall that is sure to inspire.



Vintage World Push Pin Travel Map with Surrounding Wall Art

Wall art is an integral part of interior design. It is the focal point and attracts attention when placed in the right area, be it a dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Pair any of our custom canvas wall art home décor or our custom bucket lists activity trackers with one of our stylish Push Pin Travel Maps and create the travel inspiration wall of your dreams! Find out more here on creating a travel souvenir board using a cork memo board. 

This article features actual Push Pin Travel Maps' customer photos of their travel maps and wall art. Share your photos with us today! Simply contact us at info@pushpintravelmaps.com or tag us on social media. Thanks for reading, stay well!

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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