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August 19, 2020 3 min read

Thailand is quite a popular backpacker destination located in Southeast Asia. The people are mostly welcoming, the beaches are picture perfect, the jungles are lush and the food is succulent and out of this world. There is a lot to do here and the country is pretty big, so getting around requires a little forethought. Here are some tips on how you can travel around Thailand!


Traveling Across by Flight

Thai AirwaysTravel by flight is going to be the most expensive way to get around but it is also the quickest. You can get anywhere in Thailand (for the most part) within a couple hours or less, which makes flying the best method of travel if you are short on time.                                                                                                                      Thai Airways is the largest carrier (which also costs the most) but you can fly other budget airlines, including Thai Lion, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Thai Smile. There are some smaller budget airlines that you may want to research before flying because their safety records are not always so great.

An inland flight generally costs around $44-200 USD. Flights are usually a little more to fly to the islands. If you book ahead of time you can sometimes save money.



Getting Around Thailand by Train

Wooden Rail Trail in ThailandThe rail network in Thailand is actually a great option and is pretty cheap to boot. It covers 2,796 miles across the country and offers three classes of travel: first class, second class and third class. If you have ever traveled anywhere, you likely already have an idea of the ranks. First class is more expensive, more comfortable and has air conditioning but is only available on night trains. Second class is still pretty decent, offering softer seats and air conditioned cars. Third class has hard seats, no air conditioning and features bare bones cars. But if you can stand it, this is the cheapest way to travel plus you can meet a lot of interesting people! Day train prices average around $15 per ticket while the night train is closer to $25.



Traveling by Bus

Bus in ThailandTrains don’t go everywhere so sometimes traveling by bus is the second best option. Travel by bus in Thailand is actually the widest avenue of transportation. And although many movies portray Thai bus rides to be obnoxiously noisy and uncomfortable, they are actually quite comfy and spacious. Keep in mind that bus rides often stop in multiple towns to pick people up and drop them off so it takes a bit longer to travel this way. You should be able to grab a bus ticket for anywhere between $10 and $30.



Other Methods of Transportation in Thailand

Pattaya City Ferries, ThailandTwo other methods of transportation travelers consider using in Thailand include traveling by car and by Ferry.  It is not recommended to rent a car in Thailand as they are expensive and the roads are just crazy. And obviously you won’t use a Ferry to get around Thailand but you may want to take one if you decide to explore the islands. Booking a ferry ride is pretty simple and straightforward and you can either book tickets ahead of time or just show up.



Sunny Days Ahead!

Loh Samah Bay, Phi Phi island, ThailandAlways plan ahead! Use the tips above to plan your traveling options when you able to travel freely again. Trust us, it's worth the wait! 

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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