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June 18, 2018 3 min read

It's always fun to travel with friends and family, but have you ever considered taking a solo vacation? Whether you travel abroad or inside your home country, consider planning a trip with just you. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should travel alone at least once - 

Woman on a mountain

1. You'll give your independence a boost -

From planning to execution, traveling solo means doing everything you planned on your own (with the exception of meeting new people in the destination). Having to travel on your own, eat on your own, explore on your own, you'll really get to learn what you can handle and not have to lean on anyone but yourself.

2. You'll have a self-discovery (or two)

Having to listen to your gut and taking the time to really reflect on the decisions you make will help you learn more about yourself. Why did you decide to do something one way rather than the other? You'll get to learn what you really love by doing exactly what you want to do.

Backpacker at market

3. You'll give your confidence a boost -

Along with your new found independence, traveling alone will bring you a boost of confidence. Just knowing that you were able to travel solo will give you that boost, which is an amazing feeling! Not to mention all the memories you'll make which you can treasure for a lifetime. 

4. You'll gain a new perspective on the world

Whatever country you live in, or even whatever state you live in, anywhere you visit  is going to be anywhere from just a little bit different to completely different. Going somewhere that isn't similar to where you are from will help give you perspective that the world is a very large place with many different cultures and norms.

Woman in Istanbul

5. You'll have a better chance to meet new people 

Instead of staying confined within your travel group of friends or family, you'll have more opportunity to spark up conversations with other tourists or locals in your destination. Maybe they will even suggest a hidden gem within the city that isn't known by the tour books or perhaps bring you along on an adventure with them! 

6. You'll learn to be decisive 

The only person you'll have to ask "what do you want to do today?" will be yourself! Don't stress though, it's such an amazing feeling! Plus you won't have to do anything you don't want to. Win-win! 

Women planning travel

7. You'll learn that you are great company

Because you are! It's that simple.

8. You'll learn to thrive outside of your comfort zone

Traveling solo in itself may put you way outside of your comfort zone, let alone doing things you would never do before. Take those experiences to figure out that new things aren't as scary as they seem.

Woman kayaking

9. You'll become empowered

A solo getaway gives you freedom, empowerment, and cures the travel bug. You may come back as a completely new person!

10. It could change your life

Maybe the destination you choose will have you falling in love with the people and all around vibe there and make you feel like you never want to leave. Maybe you'll see something that will cause you to want to change your career or you'll fall in love with a kindred spirit. The fact is, you never know what could happen on a solo trip. 


Gaining a new perspective on the world, creating new friendships, and learning more about yourself than you might not have without travel are all amazing things to gain in your lifetime. Don't be afraid of the world that's out there, you may be surprised as to what you might find...

Zoe Capozza
Zoe Capozza

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