Canvas - Bright Night World Travel Map with Pins

You Know You Love it!

Pin your adventures around the world with this sleek, rainbow-colored world travelers map. This world pin map's bright and lively colors and richly textured canvas finish will ensure it's the right choice to spruce up your décor! The unique charcoal chalkboard effect for the oceans makes the bright colors of the continents stand out, making the entire map the focal point of any room. Not only is this map quite an attractive statement piece, but it also serves as interactive art for your wall as you pin past travels and plan out your future vacations. Our multi-colored Bright Night world map is a great choice for kids' rooms as you inspire them to learn about geography and travel at a young age! Have your colorful world map personalized directly on the map by selecting one of our 9 unique designer personalization options to give it that extra special one-of-a-kind touch! If you want a more modern version of this piece, check out our colorful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Map of the World

Framed dimensions are 27.5" H x 39.5" W / ~70 cm H x 100 cm W

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We realize one personalization design does not fit all. That’s why our graphic designer created 9 unique personalization templates for our canvas travel maps so you can truly make the map your own! Select your favorite option from the drop-down menu above and enter your text in the designated box. Keep an eye on your email (and spam folder) the next few days in case we have some questions about your personalization. See our Personalization Guidelines Page for more info on the personalization process.

Choose from 9 Personalization Templates

How to Order

To order, simply select "Yes, include personalization" from the drop-down menu above. Next, select one of the 9 personalization layouts and enter your text in the provided “Personalization Text” box. Please Note: If the option you select includes a quote or saying it will be included unless you request for the quote to be removed or changed. Next select "Yes" or "No" from the “Pin Legend” drop-down menu (a pin legend can be added to all 9 options. See options 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 for examples of pin legends). Enter your legend text in the provided "Legend Text" box. Lastly, select “Add to Cart” to proceed through the checkout process. Click Here for more info on pin legends and the personalization process.

Ordering Example

If you choose option 5, but you would like to add a pin legend and change the quote, enter your personalization as follows:

Mike & Brenda
Change Quote to: Oh, the places we'll go!
Legend Text: Mike’s Travels, Brenda’s Travels, Our Travels

Please enter everything you would like printed on your map. If you leave out a date, we will not print a date. If you select option 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 and do not want the quote included, please leave a note that says "Remove Quote". If you’d like the quote changed to your own special quote, leave a note that says “Change quote to…”. If you want to see a proof of your personalization, leave a note that says “Send Proof”.

Pick From 8 Standard Frame Options or 6 Premium Options

Here at Push Pin Travel Maps we believe in choices. That’s why we provide 14 distinct frame styles to choose from and dozens of unique map styles. We offer 8 standard frames and 6 premium frame options in a variety of profiles, colors and finishes. This helps us accommodate a wide range of budgets and helps you create the perfect combination to match your personal taste and décor. While our standard frames work perfectly for many of our customers and have been the staple of our travel map collection for years, we wanted to add some upscale frame options crafted from solid wood for customers looking for something with a little more pizzazz. Read on to learn more about each one of our striking frame selections and find the ideal frame for your travel map today! See the listing images above to see this map pictured in each of our 14 frame selections.

Standard Frame Options

Black – 2” – Our best-selling frame and for good reason. It has a classic style that looks fantastic on each and every map. After all, black really does go with everything! Our Black Frame is a composite wood with an outward beveled profile. It is finished with a laminate wrap that has a smooth black satin finish that gives you a contemporary look that is perfect for any room in your home or office. Our Black frame looks especially nice paired with our Blue Oceans, Stormy Dreams and Midnight Dream map series.

Brown – 2” – Our Brown Frame is a traditional frame with a medium brown color and an outward beveled profile. This frame is a composite wood finished with a laminate wrap that has a smooth walnut finish and a lovely woodgrain look, which gives it a solid wood frame appearance when hanging on your wall. We particularly love this frame with our Earth Toned and Vintage map series.

Barnwood Gray – 2” – Both rustic and modern, it’s easy to see why our Barnwood Gray frame is a customer favorite. This frame is a composite wood finished with a laminate wrap and a modern, flat front profile. It boasts an attractive medium-dark gray color, complete with a light woodgrain like texture, giving the frame added dimension. Our Barnwood Gray frame really stands out with our Stormy Dreams, Blue Oceans and Black Ice maps series.

Textured White – 2” – With its crisp contemporary design, our Textured White frame is sure to brighten up your walls no matter which map you pair it with. This frame is a composite wood with a flat front profile. It is finished with a white laminate wrap that is lightly textured with a woodgrain like finish. We think our Textured White frame looks particularly stellar in our Teal Dream, Colorful and Watercolor map series.

Rustic Black – 2” – You can’t go wrong with our Rustic Black frame, which has a sleek and modern look that is perfect for your favorite travel map! This flat front frame is a composite wood finished with a laminate wrap that has a smooth surface. A realistic woodgrain appearance with black and gray undertones gives the frame a little extra oomph. Our Rustic Black frame looks especially divine with our Executive and Tan Oceans map series and also our Baseball Adventures Map.

Rustic Brown – 2” – What’s not to love about our Rustic Brown frame? It brings you that rustic yet modern look you crave and looks fantastic on almost all of our pin maps. This frame is a composite wood finished with a smooth laminate wrap and a modern, flat front profile. The medium brown color has a striking realistic woodgrain appearance that makes the frame stand out on any wall. Our Rustic Brown frame really compliments our Earth Toned, Vintage and Classic map series as well as our Watercolor National Parks map.

Solid Wood Brown – 2 1/4” – Our Solid Wood Brown frame is a more traditional style frame with multiple bevels on the front. The frame is cut from solid red oak. It has an elegant beading on the inner lip that gives the frame an ornate accent that ensures it will prominently stand out on any wall. The frame is finished with a rich dark brown walnut stain that truly showcases the gorgeous woodgrain. We think our Solid Wood Brown frame looks particularly elegant with our Executive and Vintage map series, as well as our Classic map.

Solid Wood Cherry – 2 1/4” – A traditional style frame with multiple bevels on the front and a sophisticated ornate beading on the inner lip, our Solid Wood Cherry Frame is a stand out choice for your home or office. This frame is cut from solid red oak and features a rich, dark cherry red stain that highlights the beauty of the woodgrain. We absolutely love our Solid Wood Cherry frame paired with our Classic map series. It also makes the perfect choice for our Executive map series.

Premium Frame Options

Brimfield - Weathered Black – 2 1/4” – The hand detailing and weathered finish of our Black Brimfield frame give it a distinguished vintage style that will give your travel map a more rustic look. This solid wood frame has a cassetta style profile, which is one of the first frame profiles ever created (in fact it was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci!). The moulding is made in the Czech Republic and is inspired by America’s premier flea market – Brimfield. This frame features layers of black and gray and has an abundance of rich textures, adding to the aged look and feel. Our Weathered Black Brimfield frame looks particularly striking with our Vintage, Executive and Classic map series.

Brimfield - Cottage White – 2 1/4” – Our White Brimfield frame has a chic vintage style with a gorgeous weathered finish and hand detailing that makes it the perfect choice for your pin map if you are going for a more rustic look. Made in the Czech Republic, this solid wood frame has a cassetta style profile, which is one of the first frame profiles ever created. It is inspired by the famous American flea market – Brimfield and features layers of white, off-white and cream colors and rich textures, which gives the frame a spectacular aged look and feel. Our Cottage White Brimfield frame looks stunning with our Anniversary, Navy Explorers, Teal Dream and Watercolor map series.

Antica - Chestnut – 2 1/8” – This Italian made frame is crafted from solid wood and has a warm, natural burl wood look, which is designed to mimic the pattern of rings in a tree. It is inspired by antique furniture made in the Tuscan countryside. This frame has a rough texture, irregular edges, knots and a one-of-a-kind swirling pattern to create a multi-dimensional upscale frame that looks like it’s straight out of an art gallery. It has a rounded edge and a flatter front that gently slopes inward. Our Antica Chestnut frame features layers of rich light to medium brown shades that give the map even more dimension. We really love this frame paired with our Earth Toned, Executive and Teal Dream map series.

Antica - Charcoal – 2 1/8” – Crafted in Italy and inspired by antique Tuscan countryside furniture, our Antica Charcoal frame looks like it was made just for our travel pin maps. The rough texture, irregular edges, knots and distinctive swirling pattern work together to create a high-end frame that will add elegance and style to your home, office or business. The frame, which is made of solid wood has a natural burl wood look, which is designed to mimic the pattern of rings in a tree. This frame has multi-dimensional layers of rich dark brown colors with a black wash on top to create a lovely and unique finish. It has a rounded edge and a flatter front that gently slopes inward. While our Antica Charcoal frame looks amazing with most of our maps, we think it really pops in our Vintage, Classic, and Stormy Dreams map series.

Ferrosa - Bronze – 2 1/4” – Our Bronze Ferrosa frame is an Italian crafted moulding made of solid wood with the look of forged, hammered metal. This frame is inspired by the metal accents found in lamps, side tables and candleholders and will add a touch of contemporary sophistication to your travel map. The frame has a geometric profile with a rounded transitional curve that slopes inward. The versatile metallic bronze finish gives it a clean modern look that will truly shine wherever it is hung. The Bronze Ferrosa frame looks spectacular with our Executive, Vintage and Teal Dream map series.

Ferrosa - Silver – 2 1/4” – Constructed of solid wood in Italy and inspired by the metal accents found in lamps, candleholders and side tables, our Silver Ferrosa frame is a modern work of art. The metallic silver pewter finish paired with the look of forged, hammered metal gives the frame a contemporary elegance that will ensure your travel map stands out no matter where it is hung. This frame has an abundance of character and features a geometric profile with a rounded transitional curve that slopes inward. We think you will especially love the Silver Ferrosa frame paired with our Blue Oceans, Vibrant Violet and Black Ice map series.

How is it made?

Every Push Pin Travel Map is handcrafted in The United States of America (Denver, CO to be exact!). We take great pride in every map we produce. For our canvas maps, we start the process by personalizing and printing your map on premium canvas using a fancy latex printer, which creates a vibrant print that truly looks like a work of art. We then professionally dry mount your map to sturdy foamcore board. Our framing experts then place the map in the stylish frame of your choice, which we build in house. Next a wire hanging kit is installed, so your map arrives ready to hang right out of the box. We even include a nail and hanger so you can easily hang your map on the wall. Find out more details as well as answers to popular questions in our FAQ section here.

Sizing & Specs


  • Size without Frame: 24” High x 36” Wide
  • Size with Frame: 27.5” High x 39.5” Wide
  • Weight: 11 lbs

What's in the box?

Framed Maps Include

  • Your stunning, ready-to-hang Canvas Push Pin Travel Map
  • 150 Pins in a mixture of red, white and black
  • Nail and hanger (all you need is a hammer!)


We do not include any invoices within our packages as we ship so many of our products as gifts. If you are sending a gift and would like us to include a gift note, please leave a note at checkout in the “Order Notes” box which can be found in the shopping cart.

Shipping info...

  • Free Shipping: Ground shipping is free on all continental US orders over $50. Need your order right away? Choose one of our Express shipping options at checkout.
  • Processing Time: All our products are handmade to order. Therefore, it may take 1-3 business days to process your order and get it shipped out to you.
  • Transit Time: Most orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS. Transit time varies by location, but should not exceed 5 business days. International & APO orders may take slightly longer to arrive.

Check out our Shipping & Policies page for more details about our shipping & returns policies, including an estimated transit time map for US orders.


Build Your Own Travel Wall

(This wall includes our canvas wall art, a bucket list tracker and a cork memory board.)

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