Map Pins in Black, Red, and White - Pack of 150 - For Maps Ordered After 8/31/19

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Our pin supplier changed as of 8/31/2019. To match the pins shipped with your map, order these pins if your order date was on or after 8/31/19*** 

These push pins in black, red, and white are perfect for pinning your map with all of your past and future travels. They are also great for pinning bulletin boards, message boards, or any other kind of corkboard. Each set contains a total of 150 pins in a mixture of red, white, and black and is packaged in a small tin.  

•Black, red, and white round decorative map pins.

•Sharp points allow pins to be easily inserted and removed.

•5mm head, 11mm point

•Pack of 150

•Same as the pack included with Push Pin Travel Maps ordered on or after 8/31/2019.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Happy travellers

Arrived today 16th March good fast service. Very happy with the map looks great. Cheers

Love it!

Can’t wait to make more trip plans!

Great surprise for pilot!

Bought the Executive USA map for my husband. He was so surprised and excited to pin all the places he’s landed on this very detailed map. The custom personalization made it even more special.

Very handsome map and framing

Nicely framed and of high quality. Only negative is that text is very small and not always the best contrast. i need a magnifier to read some of the text. If text was bigger, however, map would not be as stylish.