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May 26, 2021 3 min read

When the time comes to pack your bags for the next world adventure on your bucket list, the essential thing you must carry is a passport, and keeping it safe and secure is undeniably the most crucial task. So, without any delays, let`s jet off straight to the list.

Explore – Passport Cover 

Explore - Passport Cover

For $24.99, you can grab this snazzy and stylish passport cover featuring a magical ocean wave with ‘Explore’ printed on top. It is specially designed for travel enthusiasts who love exploring the world by sea. Many inner pockets await you when you unfold it, making it a perfect pouch to keep your passport, credit cards, cash, and other vital items.





Oh, The Places You'll Go! – Passport Holder 

Colorful Oh, The Places You'll Go - Passport Cover

The elegant and compact passport holder can hold all your necessary items, including the passport, cash, and other cards. It adds a touch of class to your travel accessories, and the colorful passport holder makes your passport look afresh while keeping it protected. It will cost you only $24.99 from PushPinTravelMaps, but the value it adds to your overall traveling experience is simply priceless.




Bon Voyage – Passport Cover 

Bon Voyage Travel Themed Passport Cover

This fine cover by PushPinTravelMaps is an eye-catcher, providing good protection for your passport and other significant documents, plus it looks pleasant to the eyes. It is a lightweight pouch that can help you save unnecessary weight when traveling. It will cost you $24.99, and you also have the option to pay in four installments with no interest at all. Grab yourself one of the Bon Voyage passports covers to add more flavors and colors to your expedition.



Leather Passport Cover 

Leather Passport Holder

This beautiful vintage-style passport cover is made up of premium eco-friendly leather, adding sophistication to your travel gear. This classic individual passport cover can hold your passport throughout the journey while keeping all your doubts and concerns pertaining to losing essential items at bay.
Also, you can gift this attractive leather passport cover to loved ones when they plan to go on a trip. It will cost you only $27.99, and you can shop it from today.



Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Passport Cover 

Passport Cover - Hiking Trail Themed

This exquisite passport cover is specially designed for hiking lovers by PushPinTravelMaps. The need to protect important items, including the passport, increases when you are on a hiking trail. It has one pocket for your passport and one for the boarding pass or cash, paired with two credit card slots. The back cover, including the interior, is made of Black Faux Leather and keeps your belonging safe and secure.




I Haven’t Been Everywhere (Coral) – Passport Cover 

Coral Colored Passport Cover

Traveling is all about exploring uncharted places, and this elegant coral colored passport holder will keep you focused on the places you plan to go next. Once you reach your next destination, this handy passport will remind you of the next destination, and so forth. Moreover, along with the constant motivation, this passport holder is the best home for your passport, cash, and credit cards.

To Sum It Up

Dog in the beach sandTraveling is a significant enriching part of our lives. So, ask yourself "Why not do it in style?" Along with all the other amenities, an aesthetic passport cover can add to the overall enjoyment and the memories you plan to experience from your next travel journey.

Which of the above 6 passports do you think will prove to be the best travel companion? Let us know in the comments below.

Push Pin Travel Maps
Push Pin Travel Maps

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